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“With half a century behind us listening, serving and exceeding the needs of our clients, we remain as ever committed to your business needs and targets.”


Excellence in Technology & Office Solutions since 1971

NASSAR GROUP is a leading provider of specialized high-tech integrated products, office equipment, and IT solutions.


The business was founded in 1971 by Atef Nassar as NASSAR OFFICE MACHINERY and built a long-lasting legacy based on:

• Integrity
• Best in class innovative products
• Unmatched after-sales services.

50 years later, Nassar Group continues with the pioneering spirit, spearheading a visionary heritage of office technology closely integrated with today’s digital transformation needs.


Nassar Group SARL combines its expertise with those of Nassar Computer Solutions – a sister company specialized in the design of business software solutions – to offer comprehensive, and customized modular solutions.

Together, we’re able to cater to the unique software and hardware needs of our customers, irrespective of the business sector they’re in, delivering powerful efficiency and performance that confidently advance every organization’s strategic objectives towards a digital future.

Nassar Group  enjoys a large portfolio of clients, exclusive representations, and distribution of international best-in-class brands.

These include Money Handling & Banking products, Business Software, IT solutions, office equipment, Barcode & POS products, computers, servers, networking devices and much more.


Years Established


Only the Best !

Stay ahead!

It pays to avail yourself of highly advanced smart cash management solutions from Nassar Group.

For banks, exchanges, and retailers, our bill counters and precise counterfeit detectors will consistently flag attempts at forgery.

Nassar Group turns conventional money counters into sophisticated hyper-accurate sorters, ensuring bank note authenticity, time and time again.

Nassar Group modernizes employee attendance biometrically, transforms traditional safes into fully automated smarter versions, and replaces cash registers with intelligent cashier systems.

We avail your financial institutions, retail outlets, hospitals and supermarkets with the most innovative office solutions on hand, today

Unlock superior, smarter solutions, and gain the upper hand

Keep a close eye on business with manufacturer-certified fire resistant safes and smart CCTVs equipped with top crime-deterrent surveillance capabilities.

Maximize customer experience (CX) with Nassar Group’s easy to use Queuing and Digital Signage Systems, or customize your own client-geared service control systems.

Achieve complete protection against perimeter breaches using Nassar Group’s smart biometrics, with your choice of hand, face, or finger recognition technology and other security devices.

Connect time attendance, payroll and HR performance systems at multiple workstations and locations with optimally integrated modular solutions offered by leading software provider Paypoint.

Go to the source, where it all began- Nassar Group

Our Core Values



Client continuity is key. We never compromise the trust we historically built in our people, products, and services.



We take responsibility very seriously. Being accountable towards our customers defines who we are as individuals and as a team.


Customer Centric

Our patrons are always top of mind. We orbit around your business on the hunt for opportunities to help you solve, sustain, and succeed.

Unfolding the Future


Faster Digital Footsteps

Nassar Group’s vision of the office continues with the same signature vigor, but closely in tune with winds of change sweeping business.

The future virtual office needs innovative ways to blend in with digital transformation, from cloud computing, to internet of things, intelligent devices, smart mobility, virtual networking and advanced security.

Nassar Group will keep pace, bringing you the technology transforming workplaces, commercial businesses and financial institutions the world over, as and when you need it.


Finer Service Footprints

Nassar Group’s dedication towards customer service will continue bringing clients to the winners’ circle, time and time again.

We will refine and reimagine how clients can capitalize on their office technology investments, and derive the most benefits to their people and communities they serve.