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Masterwork NC7100 Heavy duty Money Counter Detector

Nc-7100 2 pocket Currency Sorter


Value Counter, Fitness Sorter, Discriminator


Heavy Duty


2 Pockets


1500 notes per sec


Counterfeit Detection :Dual CIS, MG, MT,IR


Options : Printer, MICR Cheque scanning,

FREE serial Number Printing and tracking software

Masterwork NC-7100 is a high- performance currency  sorter that is capable of counting and sorting banknotes at a speed of up to 1,000 notes per minute. NC7100 is a new banknote sorter that comes with a capability to improve cash management efficiency by recycling the banknotes in branch and reduce workload with high accuracy an efficient productivity. NC7100 is a compact and cost-effective 2-pocket sorter that is designed and developed to meet with the growing demand for more efficient cash management at branches.


  • NC- 7100 is capable of sorting mixed banknote by denomination, fitness, orientation with fewer steps and shorter overall processing cycle.
  • Sorting banknote by fitness or quality with its capability to detect folded corners, holes, soil, tears and tape as unfit notes.
  • Capable of recognizing multi currency based on character of each banknote.
  • Applicable in casino by which the machine read casino ticket based on the parameter defined.
  • Full range of I/O Port.
  • Use software (End user tool) to save and track each transaction by date, customers' name,and serial number.

  Masterwork NC-7100 Auto modules Two Pocket Value Counter/ Fitness Sorter

  • Currency Range : EUR , GBP, USD
  • Hopper Capacity: 500 notes (circulated notes)
  • Stacker Capacity : Max.200 notes
  • Counterfeit Detections: 2CIS, IR, MG,MR,Tape Sensor,UV
  • Counting-Bills Per Minute (BPM) : 1100
  • Speed-Counts Per Minute (CPM): 1100
  • Operating Modes: Denomination sort, Fitness Count, Piece Count, S/N Scanning
  • Dimensions (WXDXH): 330(W)X330(D) X 350 (H)
  • Weight : 14.97Kg.
  • Manufacturer: Masterwork Auto modules
  • Color : Black

Additional information

Counting speed

Money Counter Counterfeit detection type

Dual CIS, IR, MG, MT, UV

Serial Number

Serial Number Printing, Serial Number Software

money counter Functions

Discriminator, Fitness Sorter, MICR Cheque Reading, Sorter (orientation, denomination ..), Value Counter


2 Pocket



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Masterworks NC7100 Heavy duty Money Counter & Detector


Masterworks NC7100 Heavy duty Money Counter & Detector