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Benefits of Fitness  Sorting :

  • To sort currency according to different uses and fitness quality requirements.


As an example  ATM machines  require high quality and clean banknotes in order to operate smoothly , maximize ATM uptime and minimize service calls.

While  bills designated for bank tellers, cashiers or  similar customer service personnel may not need to be as clean, but should still meet certain quality standards to maintain a professional appearance, increase customer satisfaction and reduce transaction times.

Unfit banknotes :

  •  Any Fake bill is considered as unfit

  • Banknotes with non-standard dimensions

  • A banknote with a missing  missing part is classified as incomplete.

  • A banknote that has become worn or sustained minor damage is classified as unfit.

  • A banknote that has holes, tears, tape, or folded/missing corners.
  • A bill that has excessive  soil and graffiti is considered unfit
  • some denominations of specific years are not allowed to be circulated and are considered as unfit