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Masterwork NC-1200 Auto Counterfeit bill Detector

Compact Portable & Reliable Detector


Value Counter Discriminator


Medium Load


Stacker 150 notes


250 notes / minute


Counterfeit Detection :Magnetic, Infrared Pattern,Pattern, Ultraviolet, and Color.


Options : Printer


NC-1200 Auto Counterfeit bill Detector 

  •  Recognizes US Dollars banknotes / Euro / LBP
  • Counts value of mixed notes for the 3 currencies
  • (number of bills + total value)
  • Sorts by face / orientation / denomination for 3 currencies

Multi-Currencies Counterfeit Detection: For US Dollars / Euro / LBP

  • Checks authenticity of bills by different criteria’s: UV, Infrared Pattern, Magnetic, Color
  • Ability to catch “Super Dollar” fake bills

Serial Number Recognition for US Dollars and Euro

  • Reads serial number of USD from 4 orientations / Euro from 2 orientations
  • Via Printer or PC prints the serial numbers counting results by denomination and total.

Automatic Feeding

  • No manual feeding (overcome the “one by one” bill insertion as in traditional machines)
  • Hopper Capacity: 80 notes or 100 notes with extension hopper
  • Stacker Capacity: 150 notes

Counting Speed:

  • 250 notes / minute
  • Maximum note size: 185 * 85 * 0.5 (mm)

External Ports:

  • PC interface USB
  • Printer Interface

PC SOFTWARE For Masterwork NC-1200  (FREE)

  • OCR The only machine that scans with OCR the serial numbers of US Dollars & Euro denominations.
  • DATABASE All information from: Customers, Transaction date, Denominations, Currency, Serial Numbers as OCR a Serial Number as image are now saved in a database.


  • You have a fake bill in LBP? In USD? In Euro?
  • No more worries! Just enter the serial number on your screen, and the system will track and inform you from which customer you received this bill and in which transaction (date, image, …)


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Masterwork NC-1200 Currency Detecting Machine


Masterwork NC-1200 Currency Detecting Machine