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HONEYWELL Xenon 1900 2D Laser Barcode Reader

Scan Pattern: Area Image (838 x 640 pixel array)
Motion Tolerance: Up to 610 cm/s (240 in/s) for 13 mil UPC at optimal focus
Scan Angle: HD Focus: Horizontal 41.4°; Vertical: 32.2° SR Focus
Symbol Contrast: 20% minimum reflectance difference
Pitch, Skew: 45°, 65°
Reads standard 1D, PDF, 2D, Postal and OCR symbologies
Light Levels:0 to 100,000 lux (9,290 foot-candles)

Honeywell Xenon 1900 2D Barcode Reader :  sixth-generation of area-imaging technology, is redefining the standard for hand-held scanners. Featuring a custom sensor that is optimised for barcode scanning, Xenon 1900 offers industry-leading performance and reliability for a wide variety of applications that require the versatility of area-imaging technology. Powered by Adaptus Imaging Technology 6.0, Xenon 1900 delivers superior barcode scanning and digital image capture.

  • Reliable: custom sensor extends depth of field for consistent readings.
  • Multipurpose: three focal options provide application-specific scanning.
  • Easy to use: handheld design for easy operation.


  • Custom Sensor Optimized for Bar Code Scanning:Improves scanning aggressiveness and protects investment by providing supply chain stability
  • Multiple Focal Options: Three focal options (high density, standard range and extended range) provide application-specific scanning, leading to improved productivity
  • Optional Disinfectant-Ready Housing: Protects investment with durable construction that is better able to resist the harmful effects of harsh chemicals
  •  Image Processing Software: Offers advanced editing functionality—cropping, brightening, rotating, sharpening and more—to produce high-quality digital images

Improve consistency when scanning barcodes and digital images.

Honeywell Xenon 1900 2D Barcode Reader is ideal for asset and security tracking, inventory management, and product labels.

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Xenon 1900 Barcode


Xenon 1900 Barcode